PCI Aviation is dedicated to the timely delivery of high quality products and services. Our diverse team of talented and skilled workers can perform almost any manufacturing job required by our DoD customers or their suppliers. In addition to our outstanding team of manufacturing professionals we have developed relationships with numerous companies that augment our capability with their specialized services.

Because many of the DoD projects we produce and deliver are very mechanically and electrically complex, with tight tolerances and demanding schedules, we employ a wide variety of skilled professional engineers that support our manufacturing team. PCI Aviation is very experienced in developing engineering solutions that considers manufacturability without trading on functional capability. We offer engineering, integration, manufacturing & assembly services that are geared to support rapid prototyping and production requirements.

Our mechanical engineering team utilizes SOLIDWORKS Computer Aided Design tool to develop 3-D graphic models used on our manufacturing floor and with our vendor partners to ensure we have precise, detailed design documentation that result in high quality, precise product delivery.